Baptism of fire
A team of engineering students developes the ARCA experiment which will fly on the upcoming BEXUS 18 mission
The "Schnupperstudium"
... offers pupils the possibility of experiencing lectures "live" at University of Applied Sciences: 23 - 25/04/14
The best preparing
The best preparing: The self-assessment for several Bachelor's programmes is online. Please, look here
Sounds, noise, hearing
Research in different acoustic fields: "Jenaer Akustiktag" on 23/4/14, 1 p.m., assembly hall, University of Applied Sciences
Our courses of studies
Feel free to take a look at all our courses of studies.You can find out more about it on our day of Open House, on 12 April
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Innovation for Quality of Life.
Health, Precision, Sustainability & Networking
The Innovation Centre University of Applied Sciences Jena is increasingly defined by interdisciplinary collaboration, which contributes to optimum synergetic effects in various branches of engineering, in business administration and in the social sciences.
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