Prize winner
Wazeem Basheer Karunnapallil (India) received DAAD-prize for the the best study attainments as foreign student
Care of people with dementia
Symposium on the subject "The care of people with dementia" on 21/10, 1.30 p.m., assembly hall, EAH Jena
The best master thesis
Graduate Kristin Pfeiffer (Dep. SciTec) received a prize for the the best master thesis awarded by FERCHAU
Unique in Germany
The new master programme Patent Engineering resulted in cooperation with ZEISS a.o. will start in summer term 2015
Two exhibitions
The life of a host familiy with adult guest "children" with psychological impairment and 16 artists in our university library
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Innovation for Quality of Life.
Health, Precision, Sustainability & Networking
The Innovation Centre University of Applied Sciences Jena is increasingly defined by interdisciplinary collaboration, which contributes to optimum synergetic effects in various branches of engineering, in business administration and in the social sciences.
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